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Cruise Ship Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of working on a cruise ship but you're not sure of what's involved? We have tried to answer many frequently asked questions to give you as much information as possible before you start applying for cruise ship jobs.

What's in my cabin?

Space is limited onboard and cabins are no exception. For this reason, it’s important to pack light. Depending on your position you may or may not share a cabin, however beyond having a roommate, your cabin will most often include a bed with reading light, desk, TV, phone, sink, hanging closet with a few hangers and drawers. Officers will have a private toilet and shower.

What kind of food will I eat?

You will eat your meals in designated areas depending on your ship and your rank. You will find a variety of foods that appeal to tastes of our international crewmembers. There are usually vending machines where you can purchase drinks and snacks for a modest amount.

Can I cook in my cabin?

No, you can’t cook in your cabin for safety reasons. No warming or cooking appliances are allowed in your cabin.

How about laundry service?

You are expected to keep your clothes clean, fresh smelling, and free of stains. Your uniforms will be laundered without charge through crew laundry services. For personal clothing you can often use the crew laundry machines at no charge or for a small fee.

What recreation activities are there?

Standard recreational equipment, based on available space, often includes a crew gym, ping pong table, disc pool table, basketball net and balls, foosball table, dartboards, video arcade, and videos.

Most cruise ships have a Crew Activity Committee that organizes many of the crew activities. 10-12 crewmembers volunteer and represent the employee groups onboard.

The CAC organizes crew parties, crew bingo, shore excursions, team sports, and a variety of other recreational activities only limited by their imagination.

What happens if I am sick?

There is medical staff onboard every ship to address illness and emergencies. When you are feeling ill you should advise your supervisor and report to the infirmary during crew consulting hours. This is a complimentary service to all

Can I purchase items in the shops onboard?

Yes, and you will receive discounted prices. There are also sales organized by
the shop managers.

How and when do I get paid?

Usually with cruiseships there are opportunities to draw a portion of your salary 2-3 times each month depending on your position.

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